I love using realsmart every day in our school. It’s so simple and so powerful. I can do everything I need to do. I can’t believe we created a school from scratch using realsmart extensively to work better, together.

I created realsmart out of the frustration of not having the technology to underpin my own teaching, and this journey continues today, as my role as CEO of XP School Trust (www.xpschool.org) ensures our focus is on exactly what schools need from their technology and professional development. I still do not see any other technology out there that drives pedagogical impact in the way realsmart does.

realsmart isn’t just a tech company. We are not interested in selling you a bag of tech and running off with your cash. We are deeply passionate about improving the way our children learn and that is why we have built a community of schools that we help through providing pedagogical and professional development alongside technology to underpin great learning.

At realsmart, we work relentlessly to improve the quality of our service to our community by aiming to be the best in the world at shaping technology around our educational needs. As such, we offer our schools a service that we call, “KEEPING IT REAL”, where we follow through a simple plan to ensure success. Through three simple SMART promises for us to keep, alongside three for you, this timely process holds us mutually accountable and responsible in an honest and transparent way. If we both keep our promises, we will be successful in creating a positive impact on the life opportunities of our young learners, which is the core purpose of both our organisations.

Our support team are experts in using technology in an educational context and they are there for you whenever you need them, offering support and advice on all aspects of our service. We were the first Google Certified training centre in the UK and have a team of certified Trainers and Innovators. 

I am extremely proud of the work realsmart is doing within education in the UK and beyond, and I am mindful that any organisation should always look to improve. This is why the most important part of our product is our relationship with our schools.

Great teachers use great technology, so please make a really smart decision on behalf of your young learners and contact us for a demo today!

Best wishes,

Gwyn ap Harri

CEO, realsmart learning ltd