Smaps connect you to your learning
from concept to content

What if you could map anything and everything
in one location. Structure a curriculum, your
department or even the whole school?

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What is so special about

Apart from it being made by schools, for schools?
Lets take a closer look.

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From Concept

Start with an idea, a subject, a topic, a department or even the whole school. Take this idea and then map it out on a path that allows you to clearly organise ready for any number of people to use.

Use maps to plan and deliver your curriculum, your project or your vision on any subject.

To Content

Creating content is fast and simple.
Type, link, copy and paste, drag and drop, or upload.
Move it around.

Easy in, easy out is our motto. Anything you put into a map is easily downloaded, or copied to another map. This means you can copy a lesson or a scheme from a colleague and add it to your own maps at the click of a button.

concept illustration showing a title map

We’re only scratching the surface

Want to read more about realsmart learning maps? There is so much more including a community area of approved, pre-populated curriculum driven maps!


Set learning targets on any path within a map. Connect these targets to standards from any specification to map coverage and depth.


Add guidance on any pathway within a map. Use this guidance area to provide students with content, evidence, activities, and any other resources.

Teacher Notes

Every pathway on a map has a section for teacher notes, these are only viewable by teachers. You can add guidance for new colleagues, lesson plans, top tips and quality questions.


A dedicated area where each student can attach evidence to demonstrate their progress. Comments allow a dialogue for critique and feedback. Teachers can assess against and set of criteria.

Google Drive

Maps is deeply integrated with Google Drive, you can pick any item from your drive and share it with students. Maps can even make copies for each of your students add it to their drive and embed them within the application.

The Journal

The journal is a place for users to see all their stuff, from here you can view any evidence and resource added anywhere in your maps. You can also use the journal to upload files, images and videos from your mobile device.


The gradebook is automatically populated as you add activities to your map. This gives teachers and at a glance picture of learner progress, assessment and engagement.

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