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Our Features

We’ve inclued a host of features into our sites that simplify managing multiple sites across a trust, take a look below.

Multi-site Posting

Multi-site Posting

Why post the same content across multiple sites when you post it once.

With a click of a button you can send content and information out across all the sites in your Trust.

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Multi-site Links

Multi-site Links

Have a common link across all the menus in your schools websites?

When you only have to add/update a link in one place it makes keeping sites complient so much easier. Think of all those links that point back to the trust website

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Update Reminders

Update Reminders

Want a reminder when a policy or page needs to be updated?

Our Update reminders plugin allows you to set a reminder period where you will recieve an email alerting you to update some content, great for policies!

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MAT Alerts

Mat Alerts

Something urgent that needs to be present on all your sites?

Type out your message, add a url, colour customisation and click send. Voila, your sites all have the same messgae displayed prominently.

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More benefits for Trusts?

We understand that Trusts each have their own requirements, we listen and offer the best support possible.

Flexible Approach

If you want a consistent brand across all the sites, we’ve got you if you don’t we’ve also got you. We don’t force you down a specific path.

Shared codebase

Updates and features are pushed out to all schools at the same time. A familiar CMS across all sites for efficiency

Security is key

We use the very latest in security methods with muliple layers of protection for your site.

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We know the deal

For MATs, running a website is more than just keeping it up and running. It’s about cutting down on workload, avoiding duplicate efforts, and making sure every site is secure, compliant, and user-friendly. By focusing on these aspects, MATs can streamline their operations, enhance communication, and spend more time on their main mission: delivering quality education.

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