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realsmart is your school online

Learn how our smart tools can supercharge your school.

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realsmart is your school online

The full realsmart package gives you a supercharged website that improves communication and makes collaboration easy! Google Apps for Education and your online learning and tracking tools wrapped into one school website bringing your whole school online!

A supercharged website gives you personalised access to all your online tools for communication, learning and administration.

Communication: Easy to use website, Google Mail, Calendar & Drive, parent data

Learning: Homework tracking and learning portfolios

Administration: Accessed through 1 site and managed through 1 MIS integration.

realsmart gives you greater control, minimising administration and cost and maximising usage. Through our certified support service, realsmart are your professional development partner for school improvement.

Working better, together.

Your realsmart school website brings massive value to G Suite for Education, tailoring
the best technology to your school.

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Your partnership to success.

We don’t just install the tech, we understand your school, your context and the immediate
and long term challenges you face to school improvement.

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Design your learning journey
Ignite enthusiasm and launch
Focused implementation of whole school priorities