Your partnership to success

We don’t just install the tech, we understand your school, your context and the immediate and long term challenges you face to school improvement. We call this process ‘Keeping it real’, and it looks like this example resource:

Driving question created with school consultant and realsmart consultant:

How am I a reflective and developing professional?

Stage 1
realsmart promise to:

  • Develop an understanding of the school’s professional development programme through discussion.
  • Build an example tool based on this understanding
  • Share this with the school and respond to critique

Person accountable: Simon Brown

Due by: Friday 3 July

School promise to:

  • Share professional development programme with realsmart through open discussion
  • Respond

Person accountable: Headteacher / Deputy Head

Evidence of promise kept

  • Links to realsmart item. This is shared with Head and Deputy for critique.
  • Video showing model of rafl to support

During your onsite consultation days we will focus professional development around these targets and will check in with you regularly on the progress of their implementation.

Through this process we have a deep understanding of what’s important in your school and how we can help you.

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“You didn’t sell to us – you listened – which I think is the crucial thing. What’s the future going to look like, I have no idea, but I need a partner that listens.”

Maxine Low – Headteacher, Brooklands Farm Primary School

“Getting an organisation of about a thousand people to change systems over the course of a term is quite a feat, and it was only possible because all of our members of staff were trained so effectively at the start.”

Amanda Jackson – Acting Headteacher, Marden High School

“Working through this process adds a deep pedagogical focus to how we use technology in school, the knowledge of our school designer has had a fundamental impact on the culture in our school.”

Dan Brinton – Deputy Head, Belmont Community School