Your partnership to success

We don’t just install the tech, we understand your school, your context and the immediate and long term challenges you face to school improvement.

Our school designers, a team made up of experienced school leaders, work alongside your Senior Management Team to identify SMART targets that we hold each other mutually accountable for. We call this process, ‘Keeping it real’ and it looks like this example resource:

Driving question created with school and consultant:
How am I a reflective and developing professional?

Stage 1

Evidence of promise kept

  • Links to realsmart item. This is shared with Head and Deputy for critique.
  • Follow these links to a tutorial video created showing model of smartportfolio tool to support professional development.

During your onsite consultation days, we will focus professional development around these targets and will check in with you regularly on the progress of their implementation. Through this process, we have a deep understanding of what’s important in your school and how we can help you.

‘I was 100% confident that due to the expertise of the team at realsmart that I could make it successful at this school.’

Jamie Portman Principal I XP and XP East Schools