smartlaunchpad is an online app launcher that gives you single sign on access to your realsmart and G Suite for Education applications.


smartlaunchpad was created to enable you to get the best value out of G Suite for Education.

We sync all your member and group data from your MIS (Sims, facility or whatever you use) and push it into Google every day.

Smartsync remove the headache from administration. As soon as your users are live in your MIS they are synced to Google and the correct groups.

Meaning you can:

  • Quickly email a class.
  • Add a complete class to a Google Classroom
  • Share drive folders and docs with your teaching groups.

Smarthomework is tightly integrated in to Google apps, adding reminders to your Google calendar and notifications to Google Mail.

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Smartportfolios allow teachers to build assessment for learning portfolios that cleary demonstrate progress over time and create structures for resources and evidence built in Google docs.

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Seamless integration between G Suite for Education and Realsmart applications