Showcasing Beautiful Work at XP School

XP School

Principal Andy Sprakes and Teacher Martin Said talk about using realsmart as the vehicle to showcase beautiful work at XP School.

How do learners feel about seeing their work on a public facing website and what is the value of this? What reactions do you get from parents seeing their child’s work on the website?

Creating a buzz around teaching and learning

Darton College

Vice Principal Jamie Portman tells us how their realsmart website has been one of the vehicles used to create a buzz around teaching and learning and how it’s helped teachers to feel proud of showcasing work.

Showcasing learning at Darton College

Darton College

Think about your website differently – it’s the most powerful tool your school has to broadcast learning to the community!

The realsmart website has enabled Darton College to broadcast and share great work with their community and the world. Principal Kate Davies and Vice Principal Jamie Portman explain how.

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