Mastery Statements

Smartportfolios make it easy to evidence and track learner progress whatever your solution to life beyond levels. .

Our flexible and innovative mastery schemas allow you to create your own assessment hierarchies using your own language.

GCSE, 1-9, BTEC, a different scheme for KS3, A school specific scheme, Solo Taxonomy or Blooms.

In this smartportfolio we have used the btech schema, the teacher selects this schema when creating the portfolio and is able to clearly describe the differentiated outcomes at each level.  

In this example we are using the school schema of Emerging, Secure and Exceeding and again are able to add specific mastery descriptions for each level.

Our learner progress overview allows us to view progress over time against an individual target and also see a flight path of progress across the portfolio and each individual unit of work.

As a learner when adding evidence to a portfolio, they can see what success looks like at each level, then self assess and reflect on their work based on the teacher mastery descriptions.

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