realsmart builds smartportfolios that help us learn as we create, share and collaborate

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What are the benefits?

Teaching and learning through portfolios allow students to have a better understanding of what they’ve learned, how they’ve learned and what they are going to learn next. Teaching with portfolios allows detailed curriculum planning, a greater understanding of pupil progress and creates simple and recordable opportunities for feedback.


Automatic email notifications give your students a gentle reminder that they have an upcoming deadline.


Customisable reports on homework set, completed, outstanding and learner progress allow you to analyse meaningful data.


Learners have an overview that clearly shows what work is complete, their self and teacher assessment and the evidence to support it.

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More Features

Easily add content from Google Drive, mobile or desktop

Customisable Mastery Schemas for different pedagogies or assessment models

Evidence of Progress Over time in teacher and learner overviews

Self and teacher assessment

Develop student independence and agency through the shared big picture

Perfect for flipped and vocational learning

What our customers think

“ Developing student agency involves building intrinsic motivation and helping them achieve challenging goals day in day out. They have to be able to self assess against transparent success criteria. I am convinced smartportfolios are the way to achieve this. They will lead to improved outcomes from the related feedback”

John Baumber – Director of Education Kunskapsskolan UK

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