Smarthomework is a powerful G Suite integrated tool for teachers, students to plan, set and manage homework easily.

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What are the benefits?

Being able to clearly show how homework is set across the school is a big win, but here are some of the reasons we think you’ll love smarthomework


With our G Suite integration, you can share Google resources with view, edit or make copies for all options. Students get a copy with their name automatically added.


Automatic G mail notifications give your students a gentle reminder that they have an upcoming deadline and adds homework to their Google calendar.


Customisable reports on homework set, completed, outstanding and learner progress allow you to analyse meaningful data.

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More Features

Add content from Google Drive and YouTube easily

Quick and easy access to homework submitted, making marking easy

Public homework calendar.

All homework items are added into a users Google Calendar.

SLT overviews for easy tracking, analysis and work scrutiny.

Personalised parental access for all active, scheduled and completed homework.

What our customers think

We have compiled a case study with Chelsea Academy so you can see how smarthomework can make an impact across your school

Chelsea Academy’s Sam Ainsworth discusses why he switched to smarthomework from his previous homework provider and how productivity has improved across the school

Why switch? Improved productivity

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