smarthomework is realsmart’s answer to all your homework worries

smarthomework is a powerful tool for teachers, students and parents to plan, set and manage homework easily. The customisable SLT reporting tool provides a simple way to monitor homework across your organisation.

Google and smarthomework working better together – more than just homework!

MIS-Google sync to automatically push classes and groups across G Suite for Education (including Google Classroom) and smarthomework daily.

Fully integrated with Google Apps:

  • Add content from Google Drive and YouTube easily
  • shares with all students in your class
  • creates folders for your subjects and classes in Google Drive
  • adds student copies with their name in the title
  • Items added via Google Drive are automatically shared
  • All homework items are synced with Google Calendar
  • Automatic Google email notifications when set and due

Core features:

  • Customisable reports on homework set, completed, outstanding and learner progress
  • Manage hand-ins either digitally or mark as physical hand in
  • See an overview of each classes progress with learners’ self-assessment
  • Quickly add grades to completed homework
  • SLT overviews for easy tracking, analysis and work scrutiny
  • Personalised parent logins
  • Responsive design working on any device and screen size


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