Getting a brand new realsmart school website is easy – you don’t even need to start from scratch. We can rework and mould your existing website into something fresher, simpler and more beautiful. Here’s how we did that for Hebburn Lakes Primary in South Tyneside.

Rebuilding/rebranding the logo

When we build a realsmart website, we put together a full proposal for the website and its new design – all ready for you to approve and amend until it’s perfect for your school. This includes the layout of the homepage, fonts, colours, logos, key features and more!

As part of this process, our Designers took the existing logo from Hebburn Lakes and quickly updated the brand for the new website. They also provided more up-to-date, compatible files to be used for any future updates to signage or other livery to make sure the school’s brand looks nice and sharp – no matter what the context. 

Feature Video/Cover Video

Have you always wanted to showcase your school with a beautiful video, featuring all of your wonderful students and the incredible work they do on a day-to-day basis? That’s what we created for Hebburn Lakes, with the help of our Videographer. Their video, which now lives at the heart of their homepage, was filmed and coordinated in half a day! We collaborated with staff at Hebburn Lakes to plan and Art Direct a shoot that would cover all the wonderful aspects of the school, including specific classes and school features. 

As well as the finished video, stills from this video were then sent to the school to use in any future publications.

We also edited a 20 second highlight version of the video, which loops at the top of their homepage. This is a dynamic and engaging way to draw people into Hebburn Lakes and their story – with an option underneath to watch the full video. 


As part of the redesign, we added various different features to Hebburn’s site, on top of our standard realsmart features like our easy to update blog. We added Notices, Events and Attendance plugins to the site – these are easily updated via our smartNotices feature or a linked Google Calendar! Easy eh?

All of these wonderful features and it’s as easy to update as sending an email – with a realsmart school website you’ll learn more and you’ll learn faster.

Find out more about updating and upgrading to a realsmart school website here – or book a free demo!