The realsmartcloud learning platform at St Giles Academy

Chris Edwards
Teaching & Learning Leader at St Giles Academy and Director of Digital Futures at New Dawn Trust


In 2013, we approached realsmart as our online presence and cloud tools were extremely disjointed, non-user friendly and were not impacting upon learning and pupil outcomes. realsmartcloud offered a service that would enable us to access, build and edit our website easily. Moreover, the solution would also incorporate all of our Google Apps for Education and digital portfolios.

What do St Giles Academy use realsmart for?

We use realsmartcloud for many things including the school website, staff and pupil email, school calendar, Google Drive (for staff and pupil storage and collaboration) and digital portfolios. realsmartcloud is unique because it enables us to access and use all of the above through one simple login.

What impact has realsmartcloud had?

The realsmartcloud solution has had an incredible impact on our school, adults, parents, community and most importantly pupils. Teachers use Google Drive to collaborate on planning, resources and end of year reports. Our pupils are using realsmartcloud to create, develop, compile and share digital portfolios of work. Through the website, teachers are able to easily update their class pages to display and share learning. Moreover, staff and pupils – through realsmart – have created and shared Google Sites to present and share their learning.

  • Our teachers are collaborating in ways that we never imagined possible.
  • Our children are sharing their learning with each other, staff and the wider world.
  • Our parental engagement has risen as a result of the easily editable website and lines of communication between the whole school community have developed and strengthened as a result.

I wholeheartedly believe that the phenomenal realsmart solution and service has had a huge impact upon pupil progress, learning and outcomes. Our whole realsmart experience has been both pleasurable and beneficial. We live in a world where technology is not only useful but essential. In my opinion, realsmart is not only useful but essential. I would fully recommend realsmart to every school.

“I can say, without hesitation, that realsmartcloud has had a phenomenal impact. Quite simply, it just works.”

“Wrote a testimonial for @realsmart today. Easiest testimonial I’ve ever written. Amazing company, amazing solution.”