Your parental data portal.

smartparents is our reporting tool that shares homework, timetable, attendance, achievements and behaviour data with parents.

How does it work?

Through our integration with MIS specialist Wonde you control the access to the data you want to display. Access for parents is given through our secure parent login system.

You can choose what data to display from what is available in your MIS, this could be:

  • Homework
  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • Rewards
  • Timetable

All data is pulled from your MIS so you have control over when and how your data is published. smartparents is completely automated, there are no extra steps to manage your data so it is always up to date.

Available in the next product update will be the ability to share letters and notices, website updates and sending parents a weekly summary email.

As a value added service through this integration we can also enable the provisioning of teacher and student timetables to Google calendar.

“Feedback we’ve had from parents is that it’s brought about more dialogue with their children about how they are doing. It’s enabled us to be creative in the dialogues we have with students and parents.”

James SimpsonAssistant Head, Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School

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